SPECTRO and magnetic-particle testing

The SPECTRO and Magnetic-Particle Testing Department provides services to external customers. We issue a certificate of the conducted tests for the customer.

Spectro Test

– testing of the chemical composition with SPECTRO-TEST JR device, including the tests of:

chemical composition of iron, copper and aluminium alloys; grade identification; control of material mix-ups;

Magnetic particle (MT) tests

Magnetic-particle (MT) tests are performed with the Portaflux 2000 magnetic-current crack detector


Magnetic-particle testing is primarily used to detect discontinuities affecting the integrity of the surface, especially cracks. It can also detect discontinuities just below the surface. We use DIFFU-THERM agents for magnetic testing.

We have highly qualified staff with UDT-CERT level 2 (MT-2) certificates.

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