Smart Parking

It is an excellent investment and the first solution of this type in Poland. Thanks to easy installation, it is perfect for quick and simple increase of the efficiency of city parking lots.


It is characterised by a long service life until the necessary overhaul (15-20 years), short assembly time (5 days), and the option of relocation. The structure can be used as an advertising medium or be aesthetically enclosed. It is possible to glaze part of the enclosure for full visibility of the parking mechanism, allowing the company to stand out from the others. The system is economical and does not consume a lot of energy. On the one hand, Smart Parking means additional parking spaces, and on the other, the presentation of the company as a modern business partner that willingly invests in innovative solutions, which can attract the attention of potential customers.

  • A steel structure that is 8m to 17.2m high, covering an area of approx. 33m2 and consisting of load-bearing pallets.
  • The mechanism is driven by a motor with a power of 5.5 to 15 Kw via a chain transmission
  • The bi-directional rotation of the system guarantees the optimisation of the vehicle collection process
  • The system is capable of operating in a wide temperature range (-40?C to +45?C)
  • The system emits sounds of a low intensity of 60 ~ 75 dB, making it completely harmless to humans
  • It is equipped with an extensive security system that helps to easy and smoothly position the car and prevents it from falling or being damaged, such as optical sensors, warning lights and emergency stop switch
  • The dimensions of the pallets in the Smart system are optimal and allow parking for a wide range of passenger cars
  • Permissible pallet load is 2.15t to 2.4t
  • This system is so simple to use that it does not require an operator

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