Design office

Systemy CAD RE

The NX software provides a very wide range of functionalities for using the most productive methods of solid, synchronous and surface modelling in one environment based on the design process management system.

The software is used for designing and preparing technical documentation of complex mechanisms and equipment as well as individual products supported by libraries of materials and standardised parts.

The module allows us to perform simulations, analysis and calculations using the finite element method at the design stage in the CAD environment.

The most advanced and comprehensive tool for performing CAE strength analysis for elements and parts in our range. By utilising MES software, we are able not only to analyse existing structures, but above all to test and optimise prototypes.

Reliable supplementation of reverse engineering processes is possible thanks to GOM software, which helps to analyse and verify 3D measurement data and to compare them directly with CAD models. Furthermore, it features tools for analysing turbine blade profiles.

We offer services in the area of vibrations of turbine elements. We have the equipment and knowledge necessary to provide these services. Vibration measurements are an important research tool for design diagnostics and validation of virtual models of turbine blades.

Advanced CAM systems

WIROMET S.A. uses several advanced CAM systems. Each of them is dedicated to a different group of our products and machines that we utilise for making designs. The most important CAM environments used in our process are as follows:

NREC Max Pac V8.8.6.0
? CAM software dedicated to milling open and closed impeller channels, monolithic steering discs and monolithic nozzle discs.

RCS V7.6
? CAM software dedicated to milling turbine and fan blades manufactured with the Starrag LX251 machine tool.