Steam turbines


Many years of experience of WIROMET SA in various branches of professional power engineering makes it one of the leaders in the production of a very wide range of steam turbines. Diversified machine facilities combined with a niche infrastructure and specialised staff allows us to provide even the most demanding customers with top-quality products.

WIROMET S.A. offers the following:

Rotor blades
– minimum length: 20mm
– maximum length 1150m

Stator blades
– minimum length: 20mm
– maximum length 1150mm


Blade packs (2 blades or more)
– welded
– monolithic, fully milled

Monolithic rotor discs
– with an integrated band (fully milled)
– with a riveted band.

Diaphragms, steering discs and nozzle segments
– welded (max ?2000 mm)
– monolithic, fully milled (max ?800 mm)
– monolithic made using EDM (max ?600 mm)


Blades and closing elements
– lock blades
– lock spacers
– lock screws

Blade spacers
– straight or rhombic
– profiled
– shape according to special request

Blade bands
– with round holes
– with profiled (shaped) holes

Mounting elements
– pins
– wedges
– grooves

Damping wires
– round cross-section
– half wires (flattened cross-section)

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