Electric actuators

Electric actuators can be used wherever axial force is required. They are used especially for: turnouts, dams, swing platforms, opening and closing of ventilation dams, brakes and drives of gate valves. Depending on their intended purpose, they differ in design: PEŁ, OPEŁ and PEM.

We offer:

  • PEŁ electric actuators

TypeNominal powerStrokeMore
PEŁ-33250, 450, 650Details
PEŁ-66250, 250, 650, 850Details
PEŁ-1212250, 450, 650, 850Details


  • Przesuwniki elektryczne OPEŁ

TypeNominal powerStrokeMore
OPEŁ-33250, 450, 650Details
OPEŁ-66250, 450, 650, 850Details
OPEŁ-1212250, 450, 650, 850Details


  • Przesuwniki elektryczne PEM

TypeNominal powerStrokeMore
PEM-12 ÷ 6250, 450, 650, 850Details
PEM-24 ÷ 12250, 450, 650, 850Details
PEM-37 ÷ 28250, 450, 650, 850Details


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