Ace Parking

Fully automated multi-storey tower system for parking 18 to 60 cars. The system is perfect for high-density areas with few parking spaces and little room for manoeuvring.


Ace Parking is the optimal use of the available space, and thanks to its specific tower structure it can be integrated into an existing building or designed as a free-standing tower. It is possible to adapt the garage to the prevailing conditions and to install an underground, above-ground or combined above-ground and underground parking lot. In conditions of limited manoeuvring area, a rotating platform is used at the entrance and exit of the transfer station for easier use of the parking lot. The system carries out the entire parking process itself and allows the driver to safely leave the vehicle inside.

  • A ?tailor-made? steel structure with a height adapted to the requirements and expectations of the Customer, occupying an area of approx. 46m2
  • The mechanism is driven by a motor with a power of 30 to 37 Kw
  • Vertical transport is done with a lift placed on steel ropes, while horizontal transport is carried out using a chain transmission
  • Very short waiting time for the vehicle ? several seconds to 1 minute.
  • The protection system prevents damage to the vehicle during manoeuvring thanks to the use of optical sensors, warning and guiding lights, and a mirror that facilitates proper parking
  • Maximum pallet load is 2.15 to 2.4 tonnes
  • The system requires an operator
  • The garage room is available only for service staff, no third parties allowed

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