Hydraulics and mechanics

Our core business is the production of workpieces and sub-assemblies for the mining sector as well as workpieces based on technical documentation that has been developed by us or provided to us. We employ a qualified and experienced team of specialists with extensive experience and knowledge in the field of design, machining and heat treatment.

We offer services for the following sectors:

  • power,
  • mining,
  • metallurgy,
  • automotive,
  • medical,
  • optical.

AZ power generating units and pumping unit
AZ power generating units are intended mainly for supplying powered supports with an oil-water emulsion containing approx. 1% of emulsifying oil. The T-type high-pressure pump is a horizontal triple piston pump designed for pumping oil-water emulsion (water in reasonable cases).

The pumping unit can also be used for supplying the longwall shearer spraying system
and cooling its electric motors (sprinkler pump unit).

The pumping unit is intended for aggregate operation as well as for independent operation. It is used in underground mines in non-methane and methane fields, in excavations classified as “a”, “b”, and “c” methane explosion hazard and “A” and “B” coal dust explosion hazard. AZ type power generating units and pumping units have certificates of conformity issued by KOMAG-Gliwice.

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